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An increasing number of people are installing an electric vehicle (EV) charger at their home or business. For many people, this is for their new electric car, others simply want to future-proof their parking. And with the Government paying towards the installation, it’s the perfect time to have an EV charger installed.

But what is the right charger for you?

Your electricity supply

A standard EV charger can be installed in any property. However, if you have sufficient free load on your supply you could install a fast charger which would charge your car in half the time. Some chargers are becoming more intelligent and can actively manage the rate of charge depending on the available power. This means that even houses with a heavy electrical load will be able to install a fast charger because the charger can change its output in real time depending on what other electrical appliances are in use. isoenergy carries out an electricity load evaluation of every property ahead of installing an EV charger.

Your car

If you have a three-phase electricity supply, it is worth exploring installing a three-phase EV charger. Even though many cars still only charge from a single-phase, this is changing. An increasing number of cars are compatible with three-phase charging and therefore charge faster. Those with an eye on the future are installing three-phase chargers.

Your house

Having off-street parking is important so that you can plug the car in on the drive. The location of the EV charger is also important: mounting on a wall outside your house is cheaper than installing the charger on a post. It is also possible to tuck a wall-mounted charger out of sight.

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