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isoenergy has recently installed a three-phase domestic battery storage system consisting of three Tesla Powerwall batteries. This system allows the property to store excess electricity generated by the solar PV for use when the sun goes in or in the evening.

The battery storage system will automatically store electricity when the solar photovoltaic system is generating more electricity than the property is using. Later in the evening as the sun goes down and the property begins consuming more power than the solar is generating, the battery begins discharging to supply the house rather than buying energy from the National Grid.

In this case, the property’s heating and hot water are provided by a ground source heat pump so heating in the spring and summer can now be supported by the battery system and ‘home-grown’ electricity. In this way, battery storage helps overcome the variation in production from the solar panels.

Tesla have built a ‘Gigafactory’ in Nevada where they are already manufacturing battery modules and expect to produce 35 GWh of storage annually by 2020. European manufacturing has some way to go and currently produces around 1 GWh of storage every year. In addition to Powervault and Tesla battery storage systems, isoenergy is also now installing Sonnen batteries which have been hugely successful in their native Germany and are now available in the UK.

Whilst battery storage technology can still be expensive, the systems are effective in reducing carbon emissions from electricity consumption and there are some properties, such as this, where installing battery storage already makes economic sense too.

If you are looking for battery storage for an existing solar panel array or are interested in both, please do not hesitate to call the office on 01293 821 345.


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