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A truly independent view

When incorporating renewable energy into a construction or retrofit project there are a wide range of considerations to take into account. It is common for a renewable energy consultant to be brought in at extra cost to the client. isoenergy can help you save costs by giving you free independent consultation on what renewable energy systems will work for your project without bias towards any one manufacturer or technology.

Renewable energy consultation by isoenergyHaving advised on renewable energy projects for over ten years we have come across many in need of remedial work due to bad designs and poor consultation. In some cases thousands of pounds have been spent on initial consultation to reach a result we offer for free. This is particularly found in projects subjected to protracted tendering processes. There are of course many consultancies who can add value and experience to your project. We work with some where renewable energy is just one element of a larger mechanical and electrical design who defer to us as renewable energy experts when they are called in.

Free consultation

Initially, we consult with you over the phone and if suitable, we will visit site to meet the project team or home owner and take a detailed brief of what the project is trying to achieve. Rather than employing sales people for this task, we send an engineering consultant with practical experience in renewable energy installations, someone who will understand the project. From this initial meeting we will provide an outline cost benefit analysis of our recommended solutions along with basic specification of a system that will meet the established needs. If you then wish to proceed with a more formal design, our skilled design team will also get involved.

By using isoenergy to consult on your project you will save cost and receive an honest opinion on what is right for the job.



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