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Regular heat pump servicing and maintenance has many benefits. First and foremost, it protects the manufacturer’s warranty which could become invalid if not carried out.

ball valves 300x224Keeping your heat pump well maintained reduces the likelihood of breakdown or failure, and allows potential problems to be spotted and remedied at an early stage. This will help protect your investment by maintaining the system in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Secondly, the efficiency of any heat pump installation is key to its success. Low efficiency (also known as a poor Coefficient Of Performance) will mean the heat pump is using more electricity to extract the required amount of energy from the air or ground. When efficiency drops, running costs go up. Regular maintenance will ensure your system is running as efficiently as possible.

As the complexity of heat pump systems varies from installation to installation, our heat pump maintenance contracts are customised to suit your specific system. Contracts are for either one or three years with payments upfront or by standing order. Discounts are available where there is more than one system on a site.

If you decide to take out a maintenance contract with us we will conduct annual service visits to make sure that your heat pump system is running effectively and efficiently. In cases where we did not install the heat pump, we would need to carry out an 'initial inspection' to review the installation of your system.
This will include:

  • Conducting a general inspection of the heat pump.
  • Emptying and cleaning filters.
  • Running various tests to identify any potential problems.
  • Checking the pipework.
  • Reviewing alarm logs.
  • Checking the bacteria levels.
  • Checking both the expansion vessels and pumps.

After this process is complete we can then make any adjustments if necessary to optimise the performance and efficiency of your heat pump.

For clients with a maintenance contract, in the unfortunate event of a breakdown, our emergency team can provide telephone support. If a site visit is needed, we prioritise clients with a current maintenance contract over those without. Maintenance contract clients can also benefit from reduced call out rates if a site visit is required.

All of our heat pump servicing work is meticulously documented and stored on our encrypted internal server. This means that we can track the history of your heat pump system, saving you time and hassle, whilst ensuring that all of your data is kept secure.

If you would like to discuss your heat pump service options or investigate setting up a maintenance contract, you can contact us or call 01293 821 345. during office hours.


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