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We are delighted to announce that ISO Energy Ltd has been acquired by ComPro Investments Ltd, with immediate effect.

After setting up and leading isoenergy for eleven years, our Chairman Justin Broadbent has sold the company to ComPro Investments. Justin will be joining the board of ComPro and as such will be taking a more strategic role, stepping away from the day to day running of the business. Isoenergy will continue to provide renewable energy systems to clients new and old as we work to build on and grow the business started by Justin.

As a Non-Executive director of ComPro, Justin will be providing strategic guidance to Isoenergy and working with the executives of ComPro, Chris Sayer and Peter Davies, on developing ComPro’s other investments to grow and complement isoenergy.

The current isoenergy management team and others you have dealt with will continue to run the company and will ensure that all current or future work for our clients runs as smoothly as always. The joining of isoenergy and ComPro has been very much a mutual decision, and the continuation of the isoenergy team means you can be confident that it is business as usual.

ComPro’s long-term growth aims are well aligned with isoenergy’s vision of continuing to build our business to the benefit of our clients, staff and stakeholders in the renewable energy sector as a whole. First and foremost is our common goal of increasing the business above and beyond our steady organic growth. Having the financial resources of ComPro now supporting isoenergy will allow this expansion whilst building valued relationships with our clients. The investment also opens to us the possibility of expanding isoenergy through acquisition of relevant companies to complement and mutually reinforce isoenergy’s own services to our clients: an exciting broadening of horizons for all involved.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best address them. We sincerely look forward to continuing to provide you with the services you have come to expect from the UK’s most experienced installers of renewable energy systems. If you would like to know more about ComPro, please visit


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