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As with most moving and functioning technology, maintenance and servicing are key to keeping the equipment at peak efficiency throughout its life cycle. This is the same for heat pumps. For example, a car requires regular maintenance and servicing to keep the vehicle running properly, and as a result, the car will last for longer. Both ground source and air source heat pumps require yearly maintenance. Heat pumps should provide efficient heating for years without needing any major work if regular maintenance is carried out.

Ground source heat pump maintenance.

Heat pumps contain complicated systems that must be maintained by professional engineers. As the heat pump has constantly moving components and fluctuating temperatures it is prone to wear and tear, resulting in the potential for key components to begin to wear out.

With yearly maintenance, these potentially damaging problems can be identified early and remediated. Owners of this technology can help with regular emptying and cleaning of filters, which will help keep the flow of the system uninterrupted.

Ground source heat pumps require yearly maintenance to keep the system running at peak efficiency. Maintenance of a ground source heat pump usually requires the valves and filters to be cleaned, as blockages can cause a reduction in efficiency or potential breakdown of the pump.

With all our installations, we book a training session for owners which includes a tutorial on how to use the heat pump, the settings, and how to clean the filters. Doing this will keep the Coefficient of Performance (CoP) high, meaning that each kWh of energy put in will result in a greater return of energy.

Air source heat pump maintenance.

The service and maintenance of an air source heat pump differ from a ground source heat pump; this is due to the technologies in the pumps being different. For example, regular maintenance of an air source heat pump should occur before winter as it is more likely to experience issues due to exposure to the UK’s cold and damp climate.

On the other hand, if the air source is being used to cool in summer it should be checked in advance. These services are crucial as they can identify potential problems that could affect the heat pump during peak usage.

In comparison to ground source systems, air source heat pumps are easier to maintain at home with smaller tasks like cleaning out filters, ensuring there is no debris that could potentially impact airflow, and checking the fan blades. Small tasks like these can help keep your air source heat pump running efficiently whilst preventing any problems that could occur inside the heat pump.

Maintenance contracts.

The majority of isoenergy’s installations are completely different, and so are the contracts offered for each property. The maintenance contracts are designed to suit your specific installed system, which is identified after an initial inspection. Following on from this, our service team offers emergency out-of-hours telephone support for clients with a maintenance contract. These apply to a wide range of heat pumps that our service team is qualified to handle, providing support to heat pumps that weren’t installed by isoenergy.

Servicing a heat pump yearly will save you money in the long run as problems can be identified and fixed early before any crucial components break. Without a yearly service, the important parts of a heat pump may break and can be very expensive to replace, or in some cases, lead to a complete replacement of the heat pump.

The cheapest repair is one that doesn’t need to be carried out as the system has been maintained correctly.

Ground source heat pump maintenance contracts.

isoenergy provides ground source heat pump maintenance contracts offering various benefits like the protection of the manufacturer’s warranty, annual service visits, and emergency support.

Ground source heat pumps also require more frequent maintenance due to a more complex overall system. The glycol solution in the heat pump can potentially leak if anything interrupts the ground loop array, resulting in a long-term problem if all the glycol leaks out. This may not be identified by the untrained eye, making the yearly service even more important.

Air source heat pump maintenance contracts.

There is a range of air source heat pumps that are used across homes in the UK, isoenergy acknowledges that some units are made more for dryer winters and as a result aren’t as efficient in the UK damp and cold conditions. The consistent cold and wet conditions throughout the winter can cause the air source heat pump condenser to freeze over, the air source heat pumps will be able to defrost themselves if required.

However, without proper inspection, the heat pump may reach a point beyond being able to defrost and as a result, cause irreparable damage to key components within the heat pump.

If you would like a maintenance contract for a system that we have installed or for a heat pump that wasn’t installed by us. Don’t hesitate to contact our service team on 01293 821 345 and see what they can do for you.


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