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By the time you read this, it’s highly likely you will have heard about an organisation called Insulate Britain, if you’re in the South-East of the country you may have even been directly affected by their protests. 

Insulate Britain are attempting to bring attention to the climate emergency, or more precisely, the need for the UK’s housing stock to become better insulated. Regardless of what you think of their actions, the point they are trying to make is a very good one; the UK’s housing stock is very badly insulated and this means that millions of tonnes of carbon are being emitted needlessly as homeowners either try to keep warm or simply accept that their house is bit ‘draughty’. 

In fact, as the image below shows, the UK’s housing stock comprises some of the worst insulated buildings in Europe. Nordic countries, in climates far colder than the rest of Europe, lead the way in terms of keeping the heat in. Coincidently, they are also one of the leaders when it comes to the installation of heat pump technology.

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isoenergy has a reputation of delivering heat pump systems in ‘difficult to heat buildings’, our clients often comment on the improvement in comfort levels following a heat pump installation and a number of our products from Scandinavia. However, regardless of our design expertise, the old adage ‘the most expensive form of heat is the one you lose out of the window/roof/walls/floor’ still stands true and we always recommend to our clients during the consultation that they insulate their building wherever possible. 

Although their methods are somewhat questionable, Insulate Britain do make a good point; alongside the take up of renewable technologies like heat pumps it is also important to prevent as much heat loss as possible. The combination of these two actions, along with the generation of renewable electricity, will help the country take big steps towards Net Zero.

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