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As the renewable energy industry expands and becomes increasingly more important, we thought it would be helpful to detail the best renewable energy solutions for residential properties. There are many options to help green your home and the different technologies benefit from each other. For example, heat pumps and electric car chargers pair well with solar panels as they help to offset the larger amounts of electricity required to run them. isoenergy is expert at designing these hybrid systems of complementary technologies.


Air Source

Often the most suitable renewable energy solution for residential properties is the Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP). This type of heat pump requires a much smaller footprint, typically located next to the property. An ASHP works by extracting energy in the form of heat from the outside air, much like how a fridge does when extracting heat from the inside. The newest technology in air source heat pumps can now heat up to temperatures of 70°C (if required) very efficiently, which is a similar temperature to those produced by harmful gas or oil boilers. All heating and hot water needs can be easily met by having one of these units installed, which can work all year round. Heat pumps are destined to replace boilers as the world turns to renewable solutions.

Ground Source

Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) are ideal for those residential properties that have enough land to bury pipes, horizontally, vertically, or in a nearby water source like a lake or pond. A GSHP works by extracting a small amount of heat from the ground, the temperature is raised by a compressor, and that energy is then used to heat the residential property and provide hot water. For every kWh of electricity used to power the heat pump, about three or four kWh of energy is extracted from the ground. Just like air source heat pumps, this will drastically reduce carbon emissions and can be the perfect solution for larger properties.

Solar Panels

It is also key to remember that using a heat pump will result in a larger demand for electricity than a gas boiler. As a result, solar panels will pair alongside heat pumps as that extra electricity is partly offset by generating your own electricity at home. Installing solar panels helps to remove your reliance on using electricity from the grid, therefore reducing the pressure on the grid to produce electricity using fossil fuels to meet demand. Simply, using wasted space on your roof can be the most effective renewable solution.

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

An all-in-one system is also a great option; Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) is now a popular solution for heating residential properties. MVHR is simply the recycling of air, moist air is taken from rooms such as bathrooms, kitchen, and utility rooms. This moist air is then sent through a heat exchanger which keeps the heat and transfers it into the incoming fresh air which is then used to heat the home. The same works with cooling, the heat is extracted from the home and removed from the property. These systems can include a heat pump which will help the heating of a residential property if required. An MVHR is an all-rounder when heating, cooling and recycling air.

Energy Blade

Flowing water is a fantastic source of renewable energy. Energy blades function like lake loops but have the advantage of being able to take some heat from flowing water. If you are lucky enough to have access to a nearby flowing water source, you have a renewable solution at your doorstep. An energy blade coupled with a ground source heat pump can convert a small nearby stream into your source of energy for heating a residential property, all year round.

If you are looking to embrace the renewable future and are interested in what you have read, then we are happy to help. Contact our team by email or ring our office on 01293 821 345.


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