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Solar energy is the perfect solution to creating your own renewable property. Simply using wasted space on a roof can make a huge difference to not only your electricity bills but also on a global scale. Creating your own solar electricity can begin to impact the amount of harmful generation within the UK. As seen in the past year, the rise in electricity demand, from people staying at home, saw a huge increase in natural gas being used to meet the demand. Creating your own green, environmentally friendly, energy can make a difference.

Easily retrofitted

Common questions around renewable technologies are, where do you install them? How much space do they need? Well, the best part about solar energy as a renewable power source is the minimal space required. Panels are installed on the roof (space that would not otherwise be used) and only a small wall-mounted inverter is required in the house. Solar panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which means that there will be a solution for most if not all buildings. An additional benefit of solar panels is the aesthetics of the newer models that are less bulky and less intrusive in design.


Currently, electricity rates are 20p+ per kWh. Each kWh your solar panels generate is a kWh you don’t have to buy from the electricity company. With the current situation regarding energy, the prices seem to be increasing, so the savings are now far bigger than they used to be. The best part of solar energy is that it is free. Generating your own electricity is as simple as installing panels on your roof or in a nearby open field and enjoying free renewable electricity for your home. Compared to other renewable options, the upfront cost for solar panels is cheaper, with a quicker payback period. Also, due to the various appliances that our homes use, solar panels cover a larger variety of systems to power sustainably. Depending on the size of the system and how much the house appliances are in use throughout the day, you could save up to £415 a year. If you would like an estimate on how much you could save per year, then use the Solar Energy Calculator to find out.

Carbon Saving

Not only do solar panels create sustainable solar energy that saves you money on your electricity bills, but it also has a major impact on carbon emissions. The Energy Saving Trust has stated that a typical home solar PV system could save around 1.3 to 1.6 tonnes of carbon per year, depending on where you live in the UK. The average UK household produces around 2.7 tonnes of CO2 every year from heating. Installing solar panels would halve those yearly emissions as solar energy is renewable. According to the Energy Saving Trust calculations, one kilowatt-hour of energy generated by gas results in 208g of CO2, and heating oil generates 298g. If solar panels were installed, there would be no carbon emissions but instead a saving of 900kg of CO2 per year.

System flexibility

With the electricity price being volatile, it is becoming increasingly important to partially reduce your reliance on the grid. Installing a solar panel array creates new avenues to install technologies like battery storage and electric vehicle chargers that will help future-proof your home. Pairing solar panels with battery storage will help to manage and store the renewable energy for later use like household activities or electric car chargers. Installing a battery also helps increase the efficiency of your home as the excess energy created is not sent to the grid, but instead saved for future use. As a result, there is less demand on the grid, meaning there is a lower chance of the UK resorting to burning more fossil fuels to meet the UK’s electricity demand. You can even sell your electricity back to the National Grid given that you meet the requirements, through the Smart Export Guarantee scheme.


Whether heat pumps, electric boilers, or EV chargers are in your future, one certainty is that you will be using more electricity to heat your home and fewer fossil fuels. Therefore a system to help partially offset this is key. Most if not all future heating technologies will be powered by electricity, which can be supplied by your own solar panels. Installing a battery will be a major benefit as the UK moves towards renewables, without a battery all the excess supply of energy will be wasted. Solar panels act as the foundation of a renewable household, once installed any other technology, for example, an air source heat pump that requires more electricity will have the additional required electricity already supplied sustainably.

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