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Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) are one of two options when looking to replace a fossil fuel heating system. The other option is a ground source heat pump (GSHP), but ASHPs carry many benefits and are effective at generating heat from the air instead of the ground.

How much space do I need to install an air source heat pump?

The initial question when potentially adopting a renewable heating system is the problem of space required. Fortunately, an air source heat pump takes up less room than ground source in both aspects of the product itself and also groundworks. The air source heat pump only needs enough room to have access to a sufficient source of air from both sides of the system. Whereas a ground source heat pump requires installing collector pipework into the earth either horizontally or vertically, which requires larger amounts of space in comparison. This is a major benefit when considering that many residential houses don’t have the space needed and even for those that do, drilling into the ground can be expensive. However, air source heat pumps are subject to planning requirements.

What are the costs of an air source heat pump?

Following on from space required, a directly linked question is the difference in price when considering a renewable heating system. The difference in price between ground source and an air source heat pump is a significant 30-60%, depending on what system is implemented, even when comparing the sole cost of the system itself. The lack of ground disruption when installing an air source heat pump is a major factor in the reduced overall price. Another benefit from installing an air source heat pump is the current Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), which helps pay for the initial cost of the heat pump over time. Those who join the scheme before it runs out, in March 2022, will receive payments for the next seven years for the amount of clean renewable heat that their system is estimated to produce. Additionally, not only are the initial costs lower than a ground source heat pump, but also running costs are significantly lower than that of a fossil fuel heating system.

How long does the installation of an air source heat pump take?

Another benefit of installing an air source heat pump is the time taken to implement the system and get it up and running. Time to install a heat pump can vary depending on the size of the heat pump and its location. Typically the majority of domestic installations can vary between one to two weeks for completion. The lack of groundworks in an air source heat pump installation results in a shorter installation process.

How efficient is an air source heat pump?

It has been said that a ground source heat pump is more effective and efficient, however this isn’t strictly true as an air source can outperform a ground source during certain seasons. For example, in the spring and autumn months an air source heat pump may be able to perform with a higher CoP (the ratio of energy produced vs. the electricity required), because of the warmer air temperatures. As a result, an air source is only slightly less as efficient as a ground source heat pump. The heat pump efficiency will be seen over time as energy bills will begin to reduce compared to oil, LPG and direct electric heating.

Reduced household carbon footprint

As a general principal, switching to renewables is better for the environment due to heat pumps being able to harness a renewable and sustainable energy source. Another benefit of installing an air source heat pump is that it will future proof your home from upcoming regulations, for example the 2025 ban on regular gas/oil heating systems. Not only will you benefit from having a lower carbon footprint but also this reduction will be of financial benefit, overtime, as it begins to pay for itself through the energy savings.

isoenergy have a distinct breadth of expertise in the installation of heat pumps and other renewable technology. Certain heat pumps will be more efficient in certain situations. This is where isoenergy’s expertise in renewable energy systems and design will help choose and install the best air source heat pump for you.

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