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The ground source heat pump project at the National Trust’s Wimpole Hall has been switched on for the last three weeks and we have reached the project milestone of training the maintenance team on how the system works.

The ground source heat pump system installed uses about three times less energy than the old oil boilers, reduces carbon emissions by an estimated 47 tonnes a year, and saves over £8,000 a year in fuel costs. 

The heat pump system comprises of 30 x 125m boreholes connected to two separate plant rooms, in the Old Rectory Restaurant and Wimpole Hall itself. The 40kW Ecoforest ground source heat pump in the Old Rectory Restaurant plant room is providing all of the heating and hot water requirements of the busy restaurant. The two 70kW Ecoforest heat pumps in the Mansion plant room are providing all of the conservation heating in the Hall and comfort heating in the two staff flats in the Hall.

Isoenergy will continue to be on site for a few more weeks completing additional works to upgrade some of the existing radiators in the restaurant and flats to boost the output in areas where calculations showed they lacked slightly in radiator output.

More information on the projects, including photos of various stages of the project can be found on the National Trust website.


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