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Isoenergy has always prided itself on testing the equipment we install for our clients. This rigorous testing and analysis that happens at our onsite testing facility means that we are equipped with the knowledge of how each heat pump we install works and the strengths of each system.

Since the generous government funded RHI scheme started, isoenergy has relied on one 28kW Viessmann ground source heat pump to provide heating and hot water to its office.

This heat pump has been running since 2012 and heats a pair of minimally insulated timber buildings. The system consistently runs at an efficiency factor better than 3:1 which is testament to what a quality installation of good equipment backed up by meticulous design can achieve.

Other models of heat pump have come and gone as technology progresses. The first testing phase installation saw a Heliotherm, Nibe and compact CTC EcoHeat installed. The Heliotherm was a system that took its energy directly from the refrigerant gas running through copper pipe in the ground. As this cut out the brine to refrigerant heat exchange process, this system ran at a much higher efficiency factor. This type of direct transfer heat pump is not recommended by the Environment Agency due to the inherent risks of releasing large volumes of refrigerant gases to the atmosphere should the heat collector get damaged.

In 2016 the Heliotherm, which had been redundant for some time was replaced with a Hitachi Yutaki air source heat pump system. Around the same time the gymnasium (also on site) was fitted with the latest inverter driven compressor technology from EcoForest, one of the first in the UK. Results were so good we now fit Ecoforest for a wide range of ground source heat pump applications

Towards the end of the same year isoenergy had also installed the 2nd generation inverter driven CTC compact model which from a single ‘fridge freezer’ sized unit can provide heating and enough hot water for a modest family home of four bedrooms.

In addition to the above ISO has had a 20kW CTC air source heat pump heating our chairman’s listed building on the premises for about eight years. There is also an EcoForest biomass pellet burner installed in the warehouse and stores.

To take advantage of the occasional sunny day, there is a solar thermal system on the roof which contributes to our hot water demand.  During the summer, the heat pump rarely has to fire up as there is enough hot water from the solar thermal system for us to wash our hands and do the dishes.

Our electrical generation here at isoenergy is also as renewable as we can make it as we have our other roofs covered in solar photovoltaic panels to provide electricity for the site. Just under 7kW peak energy is generated for our office to use. Of course the rest is stored in a battery storage system if we do not use it at the time.

This ongoing commitment to providing the very best solutions for our clients is proven through the depth of research and analysis isoenergy conducts across each product it installs. The independence from any single manufacturer makes sure we have the breadth of technology to suit any particular need. Our selective approach to technology selection provides customer security in that we only work with equipment that we are confident we can maintain.

If you would like to come and see the technologies we have installed at our head office, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of call us today on 01293 821345.


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