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Here at isoenergy we specify equipment that we have tested thoroughly in our demonstration plantroom. We do this to make sure the performance of the heat pump is going to be what we expect it to be. Rather than just relying on manufacturers’ often-generous, specification and efficiency figures, we install each type of unit on our own heating system then collect real-world data on its performance.

We are currently testing two new air source heat pumps that we feel will be ideal for two distinct property types. The air source heat pumps we are testing both come from renowned Scandinavian manufacturers with a reputation for quality heat pump systems.

A solution for larger houses without the land for a ground source heat pump

ctc 600m ashpManufacturer CTC has designed the 622M, 20kW three-phase air source heat pump using the latest inverter-driven technology. Specifically designed to heat properties with an above-average heating load, the 622M can be designed to provide spatial heating, domestic hot water and pool water heating as required. For larger properties several units can be run in series with the CTC Ecologic controller able to control each heat pump to maximise efficiency and life expectancy. As with all air source heat pumps, in the depths of winter the output of the system reduces with the external air temperature. However, the CTC model is still able to deliver a relatively high output even when the outdoor temperature drops below freezing. We feel this unit is going to be very popular.

A solution for smaller houses and swimming pools

nibe ashp The Nibe model being tested is at the other end of the sizing scale and is the F2040-8kW model. This system is ideal for small houses or new build houses with a small heating and hot water requirement. This unit is reliable, compact and quiet, making it ideal for domestic applications. As isoenergy is a Nibe VIP installer, they provide us with a seven-year parts and labour warranty and our clients can extend this warranty beyond the seven years directly with the manufacturer. Another perk of the Nibe system is the control system.  It is simple by design, easy to understand and through the Nibe Uplink service, allows for remote access and monitoring over the Internet. This remote access can be accessed by both the end-user and ourselves meaning we can monitor the system to ensure it is running efficiently and the client has direct control over the system from anywhere with an Internet connection. Handy if you want to turn on the heating in your holiday cottage before you arrive.

Having tested these units, we are now installing them into our clients' houses with great results. If you are considering an air source heat pump and would like further advice please do get in touch or call us on 01293 821 345.


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