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Last week saw further progress with the GSHP project at Bath Abbey. As part of the technical design submission to the client team it was agreed to build a mock-up of the drain above ground and install one of the custom-built Energy Blades in the manner we plan to install them in the Great Drain later in the year.

The purpose of this was to give all those involved in the project the chance to inspect how the EnergyBlades will be installed, how they will be fixed in place and how any maintenance of the EnergyBlades might take place in the future. Obviously, this is much easier to inspect when it is carried out above ground. Emery's, the main contractor for the Footprint Project, built the section adjacent to their site office and we arrived on site and installed the single Energy Blade for inspection by the client team.

Mock upAll the pipework and fittings and EnergyBlades that are to be installed in the Great Drain will be made from stainless steel to give the best protection against the harsh environment down there. 

Later in the week our Commercial Director took part in the Abbey's "Talks for British Science Week". Talks explored the science and cutting-edge technology currently being used by those working on the Footprint project. Six organisations took part in the afternoon of talks, including: Wessex Archaeology, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, University of the West of England, Mann Williams Structural Engineers, Buro Happold Engineering, and isoenergy. It was a good chance for further public engagement in the Footprint project and the talks were well received by a large number of locals and visitors to Bath Abbey.


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