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Since the last update, despite the lockdown being in effect, we have been able to continue installing the heat pump system at The Vyne.

As the property is currently closed to the public, we have been able to progress with the installation of the ground source heat pump plantroom and the lake loops as there has been plenty of space to work safely whilst social distancing. As a result, the plantroom fit-out is now finished and awaits the new three-phase electricity supply to be run into the building.

The heat pump collector array has also been installed in the lake, ready to be filled by the glycol. When filled with glycol, the loops will sink to the lake bed and will not be visible from the shore.

Our working partner Leggat Plant are in the process of digging the interconnecting trenches from the manifolds to the plantroom. The next phase will then be to connect the plantroom to the heating targets via some sizeable pre-insulated pipe runs.

It should not be long before this bivalent 120kW twin ground source heat pump system is up and running.

For more updates, check back soon. If you are interested in finding out how a ground source heat pump can work for your property, contact us on 01293 821 345


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