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CUB Buildings fitted with Nilan MVHR heat pumps

CUB Buildings fitted with Nilan MVHR heat pumps

isoenergy have been commissioned to install renewable energy systems in CUB homes, enabling them to be the first to achieve a pre-issued 5 star BRE certificate for an offsite constructed modular housing concept.

Cub homes are a unique and innovative ready-made modular housing concept, constructed offsite and pre-issued by the BRE with design stage certification to code level 5.

These homes have many unique features including the ability to add additional floors up to three storeys high, providing versatile housing solutions for families, students or the elderly. Manufactured using a minimum of 65% recycled steel Cub homes are resistant to fire and flood, using extremely durable construction methods and design.

Energy bills for a two storey Cub house are as low as £56 per year. They are a perfect sustainable solution for individuals with land or large gardens to develop or for developers or social registered landlords looking for a quality solution to self-builds.

To design and support CUB homes, providing heating and hot water using an air recovery and ventilation system. The system must be compact, easy to use, low cost, reliable and have the ability to be fitted in the factory during the construction process.

isoenergy will also be providing commissioning and aftersales support to the project, forming a dynamic relationship as CUB homes expand worldwide.

Cub Homes will be fitted with a Nilan MVHR heat pump (VP18UK). There is an integral cylinder, a CTS 600 control unit, wall terminations, plastic flat ducting, flexible connections to grilles and flexible connections to top of heat recovery unit. The unit operates by extracting energy from heat produced within the dwelling from lighting, domestic appliances, showers, bathrooms, utility rooms etc whilst being itself of a size so it is easily concealed.

The recovered heat produces hot water and heating. The ventilation system provides a heat exchanger that allows heat to be maintained in the building, whilst maintain a constant supply of fresh, filtered air reducing allergins and water.

The system design enables a pre-fabricated unit to be installed in Futureform’s factory, before transport to site and final commissioning can take place. Demonstration homes are available for viewing at the BRE Innovation park, as well as at the Ideal Home and Grand Design shows.