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Undertaking any new project can be an exciting if somewhat daunting task. Making sure you select the right project partner helps remove the stressful parts straight away leaving you to enjoy the exciting parts.

Isoenergy has proven itself as an excellent project partner time after time. We can support you through all stages of your renewable energy project, providing services every step of the way if required.

Here is an example of the steps we take in a typical ground source heat pump installation project.


Isoenergy has a team of highly knowledgeable consulting engineers who handle the initial stages of the project. Upon receiving an enquiry from you, a Consultant Engineer would contact to you to discuss your project over the phone and arrange a preliminary site visit to assess the feasibility of installing a renewable energy solution in your home. This initial inspection will provide isoenergy with enough information to go away and draft a project estimate based on your requirements. The consultant engineers are readily available to discuss the estimate and explain their proposal to you.

Site survey

Once you have decided to proceed with your project and have selected isoenergy as your project partner, a detailed site survey will be arranged. The survey will involve an engineer conducting a Heat load and Buildings survey to BS12831. This survey provides detailed information on heat loss from your property and is a vital step in ensuring the correct sized equipment is installed to maximise efficiency.


At this stage, the systems design team draw up detailed plans on how your renewable energy solution will be installed. All project specifications are overseen by your dedicated project manager who will ensure all the logistics of the installation go as planned. Having a dedicated project manager will help remove all the headaches from the project by regularly reporting progress and ensuring everything goes smoothly.


In the case of a ground source heat pump installation, isoenergy will oversee your groundwork to make sure it is done in line with the system design.


Once all the ground work is underway, isoenergy’s dedicated engineers will begin installing the various elements of your renewables project. All work undertaken is certified to MCS standards.

Commissioning & system training

Any complex system need thorough testing before it is finally commissioned. Final commissioning makes sure the system is operating to expected parameters and maximum efficiency. Once the system is up and commissioned, our engineers will train you on how to use the system and give you a full end-user set of instructions for reference.

Aftersales support

In the rare event or problems arising in your renewable energy installation, isoenergy are able to assist you with any maintenance or breakdown servicing regardless of who installed the system. Our dedicated service team are on hand to assist you long after your system is commissioned.


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