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Project specification

  • Property type: Residential
  • Technologies installed:
  • Collector type:
  • Size (kW): 8
  • New/retrofit: New build
  • Brand: CTC

CGI by David Schnabel in collaboration with HAMISH & LYONS

Working closely with Qoda Consulting and Hamish & Lyons architects, isoenergy was asked to design and install a water source heat pump to provide spatial heating and domestic hot water to a unique new build property in the Cotswolds.

Having reviewed all the necessary plans and load information, we recommended an 8kW CTC heat pump system connected to a 300L hot water tank and 200L heating buffer tank. The building was to be surrounded by its own lake which could also be used as the heat source for the property. We submerged three 100m coils to the bed of the lake and connected them via a wall-hung manifold in the plant room.

The lake, along with the heat pump technology, provides enough energy to service all the heating and hot water requirements of the building throughout the year, costing approximately 50% less to run than the fossil fuel alternatives and reducing carbon emissions by over 80%.

Key features:

  • 8kW CTC ground source heat pump system
  • 300 litre Cordivari buffer tank
  • Joule 200 litre hot water tank

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