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isoenergy is a Surrey-based renewable heating system repair specialist.  We have a team of expert engineers committed to servicing and repairing air-source, water -source and ground-source heat pumps systems.

Surrey 300x225We are qualified to repair and maintain heat pumps regardless of make, model and size.  If you are unfortunate enough to have your system breakdown, our emergency call out service will provide telephone support in the first place to try to make sure your system is safe and any backup system you have is switched on.  We will then send an engineer to you site to investigate the problem and fix your heat pump.

Our engineers have many years of experience dealing with all sorts of renewable systems and they have the capacity to fix most sorts of heat pump problems from faulty sensors to failed pumps or compressors.  They have similar expertise in repairing broken-down heat pumps and solar thermal and PV systems.

Our experience suggests that many problems can be solved in a single visit.  However if the problem is more complex or further work to repair the breakdown is required, we will be able to give you a cost break down of what will be required to get the system up and running.  We will make sure that you fully understand your commitment and the probable costs before we order equipment and undertake further work.  We know how frustrating a prolonged system break down can be, especially during the winter, and will strive to repair your heat pump as quickly as possible.

We strongly believe that prevention is better than cure, and just as you probably have your car serviced annually to identify and repair problems before they happen, the same reasoning applies to heating systems.  We always check that heat exchangers remain in good condition, system settings are as they should be and the glycol in a ground source heat pump remains healthy. Clients who have a heat pump maintenance contract with us can also receive lower call out charges and priority scheduling at times of high demand.

For general queries and advice, or to look at taking out one of our heat pump maintenance contracts you can contact us.

If you would like to speak to someone right away you can contact us on 01293 821 345.


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