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Heat pumps are generally reliable, but sometimes things go wrong. Isoenergy’s Jackie Box answers the question of "What should I do if my heat pump stops working?" and reveals the support we offer to get you heat pump back up and running again in the event of a breakdown.



Do I need a heat pump maintenance contract to fix my pump?

The good news is you don’t have to have a maintenance contract to access isoenergy’s heat pump breakdown services. Just call us on 01293 821 345 for help with your heat pump.

Isoenergy is one of the leading heat pump maintenance providers in the UK with the capability to maintain systems installed by us and by other companies. As industry professionals with over 13 years’ experience, we are able to quickly identify any fault with a range of machines of all ages, utilising fault codes or our extensive, in house, hands-on experience with heat pumps to resolve the issue. Over the years, we have established an efficient supply chain that allows us access to replacement parts or machines and we maintain great relationships with key manufacturers for further support.

What is the best way to minimise heat pump downtime and prevent breakdowns?

Keeping your heat pump system up and running is important. Not only for the warmth and hot water heat pumps provide, but if you receive the RHI, your payments can be reduced for each day it is out of action. Because of this, isoenergy strongly recommends taking out a heat pump maintenance agreement to keep you covered.

Heat pumps are specialist equipment and your local on-call plumber may not have the skills necessary to get you back up and running. We provide our maintenance contract customers with a 24-hour phone number to call in the event of a breakdown. For everyone else, we provide support during office hours. The annual maintenance visit is designed to ensure that the system is running at its optimum to reduce the amount of electricity required to maintain machine operations and also promote system health to allow machines we look after to have the best chance of operating for as long as possible.

If you have any concerns about your heat pump or would like to explore a heat pump maintenance contract with us, contact isoenergy today and ask for our Service department when calling 01293 821 345.