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Project specification

  • Property type: Commercial
  • Technologies installed:
  • Size (kW): 950
  • New/retrofit: Retrofit
  • Brand: Viessmann

The Linney Group is a large family owned and operated printing business in Nottinghamshire. The company researched the available technologies and visited a number of operational sites before the decision was made to go with a biomass solution. The system has a 20,000 litre thermal store and uses over a kilometre of pipework.

The Linney Group had decided that they wanted a biomass boiler, isoenergy made this a reality by designing a bespoke system and installing it.

A 950 kW biomass boiler provides heating to the printworks. The boiler is fed by two walking floor fuel silos which can each contain up to 950 cubic metres of pellets. Each silo holds approximately 23 tonnes of fuel and will feed the boiler for 4 days when operating at peak load.


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