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Project specification

  • Property type: Residential
  • Technologies installed: [MVHR]
  • Size (kW): 0
  • New/retrofit: New build
  • Brand: Nilan

Cub homes are a unique and innovative ready-made modular housing concept, constructed offsite and pre-issued by the BRE with design stage certification to code level 5. As an expert installer partner, isoenergy provided and installed the MVHR systems in the factory. These homes have many unique features including the ability to add additional floors up to three storeys high, providing versatile housing solutions for families, students or the elderly. Manufactured using a minimum of 65% recycled steel Cub homes are resistant to fire and flood, using extremely durable construction methods and design. (Cub Housing themselves have sadly since folded)

isoenergy was commissioned to install Nilan mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (MVHR) systems in the modular Cub homes. These units were highly efficient but also small enough to be concealed in the small houses.

The ventilation system contains a heat exchanger that allows heat to be maintained in the building, whilst ensuring a constant supply of fresh, filtered air reducing allergins and water. The recovered heat produces hot water and heating.


RECC     9 1 small    5 1 small       GSHPA   Trustmark

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