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Project specification

  • Property type: Country estate
  • Technologies installed:
  • Collector type:
  • Size (kW): 147
  • New/retrofit: Retrofit
  • Brand: EcoForest

Buscot Park now has its 200kW Ecoforest renewable heating system fully installed and up and running. This system will be providing spatial heating across the whole property.

Our client, is a forward-thinking climate conscious individual who is also generating electricity to offset the power needed to run the heat pumps with a 200kW solar panel array located within the grounds. The plant equipment has replaced the previous coal and oil heating which will significantly reduce the CO2 emissions of the building and improve nearby air quality.

isoenergy installed 5.2 km of lake loops in the nearby lake as a water energy source. This had the added benefit of minimising disruption whilst installing the array compared to digging trenches or drilling boreholes.

The heat pump alone will provide at least a 70% carbon reduction and will significantly decrease the property’s running costs. When coupled with the solar PV array, the carbon and running cost savings are even greater.

Key features:

  • Ecoforest 200kW ground source heat pump
  • Two Cordivari 800L heating buffer tanks
  • 5.2km of pipe
  • Predicted 75% CO2 reduction

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