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Do you have a heat pump system in Norfolk that requires servicing or repair? You need look no further than right here. isoenergy is an independent company with our own in house team of qualified engineers committed to repairing, maintaining and servicing all renewable products ranging from air-source heat pumps to water-source. We can help look after your installation if you have been let down by other companies.

Norfolk 300x180At isoenergy we are experienced and qualified to service and repair a large range of different manufacturers equipment, regardless of their size or model. If you have installed a heat pump then you can be confident that we will be able to support you. We have extensive experience of servicing a range of renewable installations. Whether it’s your heat pump that has developed a fault or other equipement our specialist engineers are able to solve a multitude of problems. After an initial site inspection, we can advise on any remedial work that would be required, or set up a maintenance contract for ongoing support.

The maintenance of your heat pump should be looked upon as one of the most important things that you carry out in your household. Poor maintenance can lead to higher running costs due to the premature failure of products and the loss of efficiency. Our standard maintenance contracts for heat pumps allow for an in-depth annual service, ensuring that the early warning signs of potential failures are picked up and acted upon. Many sites that we attend have issues as they have not been properly maintained. By implementing a sound maintenance regime now, you can preserve or even improve the effectiveness of your sustainable energy system.

If you are thinking about improving the efficiency of your system then our full range of service and maintenance packages will provide a solution for you. Our packages are available as one or three year contracts, with a substantial discount for taking out the longer-term option. We also carry out emergency breakdown work, so if your heat pump has shut itself down we will be on site as soon as we can to help get your system working again. We will also consider one-off service visits although it normally makes sense to take up the option of a maintenance contract. Contract owners can also take advantage of lower call out charges and priority scheduling during the periods of the year when demand for our engineers is high.

If you are interested please call our team now on 01293 821 345 or contact us through our online form or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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