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A core part of what makes isoenergy different from other renewable energy installation companies is our in-house design team. We are delighted to announce that we have expanded our team to include two new designers who have recently joined our experienced team to learn the isoenergy way.

It is acknowledged that this growth industry is lacking access to skilled designers and engineers and isoenergy is determined to fill the skills gap by training new talent in the ways of renewable energy design. Our new team members are both from Sheffield University, with one having completed their degree and the second, taking a year in industry as part of their degree.

Please join us in welcoming Tom Harrington and Dinda Yenon to our team. Here is what they had to say when we asked them about their hopes for the future and why they have chosen to join isoenergy.

Tom said, ”I have been interested in science, maths and problem solving since an early age, and so saw engineering as an ideal career as it involves using my understanding of the world to break a problem down to its core components, apply my knowledge to these situations and produce a solution that will work in practice. I find this work extremely gratifying as you are able to see directly how your assumptions and design decisions have aided in producing a real-world product/solution. Engineering also offers a massive scope for continual professional development as there is a never-ending supply of new topics and fields to learn about.”

He adds, “Working at ISO has offered me the chance to begin learning how engineers and designers work in practice, as things are never as idealised and simple as they are in the classroom. Also being able to work with such a talented team at isoenergy has provided me the chance to shadow and learn from people with many years of industry experience, which I know will massively aid my development. In the future I hope to gain my Master’s degree and become a chartered engineer, and am interested in working in the renewables and process engineering sectors.”

Dinda, who is taking a year in industry responded by saying, “When I was younger, I had never thought of studying engineering as I was not that exposed to this world. But then I read about the Indonesian ex-president, BJ Habibie, who announced his first launch of the Indonesian airplane called R80. That is when I started to read more about engineering and I realised that I wanted to be a part of this industry. In the end, I finally made my decision to pursue an aerospace engineering degree.”

She went on to say, “Throughout my study, I really wanted to have the chance of doing a year in industry with an engineering company to complete my university experience. I am glad that isoenergy gave me that chance. Isoenergy has taught me the main key principles of engineering, it’s about the ambition to learn and the understanding of feedback. My knowledge about engineering has been broadened throughout the process and the people here are so willing to explain about the things that I am keen to know.”

She finished by explaining her hopes for the future, “I hope in the future, I will finish my BEng in Aerospace Engineering and continue a Master Degree in Avionics. And perhaps one day, with all the things that I have learnt, I can finally be able to do something for the Indonesian aerospace industry.”


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