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Actions by isoenergy in recent months have helped steer the business through the COVID19 epidemic. Overcoming challenges such as delivery problems, with hardware coming from both northern Italy and Spain and difficulties finding accommodation for staff when working away from the South East. The construction industry has been able to continue working where we can provide safe working conditions. Isoenergy has managed to remain busy and, as of this week, return the remaining furloughed employees to work in a safe environment at our main office in Horley.

isoenergy has expanded its office space by occupying another building on site, allowing the social distancing of all staff. We have rearranged our departments to comply with the Government guidelines including having a different access door for each of the departments, allowing staff to keep within their teams without passing other teams and creating bottlenecks. And whilst the weather is good, we have created an outdoor meeting area to help promote safe outdoor discussions. Signs and visual aides are being used throughout the offices to constantly remind employees of their responsibility to maintain regular hand washing and social distancing. This approach has allowed all our employees to return to work knowing measures are in place to minimise the chance of contracting COVID19. We have also upgraded our IT systems to allow some staff to continue working from home.

The business itself has seen a huge influx of orders in the last three months, way surpassing prior years and also this year’s sales order target! This is a very positive sign for all employees that the global market downturn has not affected isoenergy, and has actually given us the platform for sustained growth in the coming years.

We would really like to thank all of our clients, in service, maintenance, and installation. None of this would be possible without your forbearance and understanding of the problems caused by having the country in lockdown. Although this crisis goes on and will go on for some time, it is our relationship with our customers that has made this all possible. So thank you!


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