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The issue of correctly maintaining heat pumps is often overlooked when system owners embark on a new project. isoenergy’s Joe Hannan explains why regular servicing and maintenance is not only vital to the health of the system, but is required to maintain validity of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Correctly installed heat pumps should provide good heating for decades. This is possible where the heat pumps are serviced by qualified, specialist heat pump service engineers on at least an annual basis. Identifying, diagnosing and repairing small faults early, will increase the longevity and efficiency of your heat pump. However, ignoring the minor problems for prolonged periods, will eventually result in the failure of larger components, which are generally not cheap to repair or replace.

Just like your car, your heat pump also needs to be serviced. It has moving components which fluctuate in temperature and it is vital for the life of the heat pump that these components are regularly inspected for wear and tear. Within the plantroom and heating system overall, there are various filters which need to be cleaned to ensure a good flow of the heat transfer fluid. Keeping a close eye on components and cleaning filters are essential task in keeping your heat pump in good working order. With these checks in place, any latent issues will be exposed and highlight any underlying conditions which may result in poor performance of your heat pump.

Depending on the heat demand of the property, service internals may vary, but as a minimum and in line with heat manufacturers’ requirements for valid warranties, heat pumps should be serviced annually. Where heat pumps are used not only for special heating and hot water, but also for pool heating, we recommend biannual services due to the complexity of the control strategy and the multiple heating targets.

Some of the work can be done by system owners themselves. Our biggest maintenance tips are to perform the monthly filter cleaning, schedule your annual services well in advance, preferably in summer, and do not wait till the heat pump stops working before reporting a problem, which may have been detected and dealt with earlier. A proactive approach to system maintenance is much better than a reactive one obviously.

isoenergy is recognised as an industry leader in heat pump servicing and maintenance and we now offer three service level options, each tailored to suit the amount of interaction and support you require to keep your heat pump alive and kicking.

If you would like to find out more about our service and maintenance contracts or need support with your heat pump, get in touch with our service team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 01293 821345.


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