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Since the Government’s Feed-in-Tariffs were drastically cut it has been hard for those who are thinking about installing solar panels to decide if it is worth it or not.

Here we have listed the five key conditions which mean that solar PV is could be worthwhile for your home or business. You will of course need space for the array (condition 1), but if any of the other conditions apply to your circumstances, then it is easy to make a financial case for installing panels even with the much-reduced FiTs that are available until the end of March 2019.

  1. Space to Install Solar Panels
    Most fundamentally, you need space for solar panels. These can go on your roof or be mounted on the ground. They do not need to point due South, East/West works well and extends the period of electricity generation throughout the day. For reference, a 300 Watt panel measures about 1m x 1.7m.
  2. Daytime Electricity Usage
    If your electricity usage is largely during the daytime then you should immediately investigate installing solar PV as you will be able to use the electricity as it is generated. Since the Feed-in Tariff has been cut (and will disappear altogether in March 2019) using the electricity when it is generated is now key to the solar PV being a worthwhile investment.
  3. High Electricity Usage
    Even without mostly daytime electricity usage, if you are spending more than £1,000 a year then you should certainly look at installing a Solar PV array to reduce your bills. If you have a hot water tank then it is possible to automatically divert excess generation to heat your hot water instead of sending it to the grid.
  4. Heat Pump System Installed
    If your property is heated by a heat pump then the vast majority of your energy consumption is electrical; if you haven’t already, then you should explore installing solar PV which will make you more self-sufficient and cut your running costs.
  5. Swimming Pool
    If you have a swimming pool heated electrically or by a heat pump then solar PV can make it substantially cheaper to heat. This is particularly true if you have an outdoor pool which you are heating and using in the summer. With Solar PV, the pool could be practically free to heat in the summer if an adequately sized array can be installed.

If you have space for the array and meet any of the other conditions above, we recommend you investigate installing solar panels immediately as the government Feed-in Tariffs (which are paid for 20 years) close for new entrants in March 2019. Depending on how many panels you install, the process can take up to a few months so give it some thought now. If you would like to talk through a potential project then call our Horley office on 01293 821345.


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