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There are many benefits to living in a house that has been built with sustainability in mind. For instance, generating your own electricity using solar panels saves money. Renewable energy such as ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps tend to have lower running costs than fossil fuel boilers. And of course better insulation improves comfort levels throughout the house.

But what happens if you're looking to sell your current home or are building or designing a house to sell?

Research indicates that making energy-saving improvements to a house can increase its value by up to 6%, with a majority (82%) of home buyers prepared to pay more for such features. This research further undermines the argument in favour of building fossil fuels into new developments. For example, combi boilers are often still installed simply due to familiarity without regard for the cleaner but less familiar alternatives. Given that installing sustainable energy systems leads to a higher sell-on value as well as lower bills, it is in the interests of the developer, as well as the future owners.

If you are involved in building or designing a home, we can offer technical expertise in making the best use of the available resources to provide energy for your project.


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