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At isoenergy we are not tied to a particular manufacturer or product to ensure that we find the best solution for each individual project. We also try and test any heat pump within our portfolio in our plant room at our head office to see how they perform under real-world conditions.

Over the coming months we will be showcasing some major heat pump manufacturers we include within our product portfolio and highlighting the benefits of their systems.

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Ecoforest is a manufacturer based in Vigo, northern Spain. They manufacture air source and ground source heat pumps as well as biomass boilers and distribute throughout Europe. At isoenergy we often specify their ground source heat pumps as they are a high-quality product with a number of different options available depending on the size of the heating target. We will of course use other brands when we feel something else is more suitable for any given application.

Ecoforest heat pumpEcoforest heat pumps can output as little as 1kW to as much as 100kW and the units can be cascaded to match higher heat demands if required. Ecoforest heat pumps incorporate inverter-driven technology meaning they modulate their output to match the heating requirement. For example, the 100kW machine can deliver as little as 25kW during warmer months or as much as 100kW in times of peak demand. This variable output maximises the efficiency of the heat pump and reduces the amount of stops and starts for the compressor without having to have a large buffer tank. More information on ground source heat pumps and how they work is included in the technology section of the website.

Ecoforest also have smaller units with variable outputs to work within domestic homes. These units can come with an integrated 170L domestic hot water cylinder should plant room space be limited. A 12kW Ecoforest unit with 170L integrated cylinder could meet a property’s heating and hot water demand whilst fitting into a space no larger than that of a fridge freezer.

Ecoforest’s built in controllers offer complete control over the units, with further options available for heating and cooling within your building. All Ecoforest heat pumps can integrate with their e-manger system should you also be installing solar PV panels and battery storage; this allows any excess electricity produced by the solar PV panels to be managed and consumed within the inverter-driven heat pump operation. Simply put, this maximises the compatibility between a heat pump (consuming electricity) and a solar PV array (producing electricity).

Please do get in touch to find out which heat pump system will best suit your needs.


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