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One of the UK’s main LPG suppliers has written to its customers in our area informing them of a significant increase in the price of LPG.

The letter from Calor tells us the price of liquid petroleum gas has now increased by 17% compared to last year’s prices. Although we only use LPG here to power our gas BBQ, we are very aware this increase will have a real effect on those using LPG to heat their home and provide hot water.

We often encounter people who are tied to LPG deliveries to heat their home. Although bought in bulk, which will save some money, LPG is subject to fluctuations in price, just as the oil price fluctuates. Demand increases the price so LPG is most expensive when you really need it.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to burning fossil fuels to heat your home or business. By installing a heat pump you not only earn the Government’s generous Renewable Heat Incentive but save on running cost for the future. Heat pumps run on electricity with the majority of the energy coming from the natural environment be it air, water or ground. This means no fuel deliveries at all.

If you are interested in finding out how isoenergy can help you escape the volatile fossil fuel market, reduce your running costs by about 50% and go delivery free, get in touch or call 01293 821 345.


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