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Isoenergy is very excited to announce that we have been selected to deliver the innovative ground source heat pump system that forms a central part of the Bath Abbey Footprint Project.

Working with Wheelers of Westbury and Emery Building Contractors, isoenergy will carry out the detailed design and installation of the ground source heat pump system that will provide energy for the underfloor heating that is currently being installed in the Abbey. The project is understood to be the first of its kind as it will source its energy for the ground source heat pump from the water that flows out of the Roman Baths in the centre of Bath.

Every day 1.1 million litres of hot water at approximately 37 degrees flows through the Roman Baths from underground springs. Most of it travels straight past the Abbey and into the river via a subterranean Roman drain. Working with Bath and North East Somerset Council planning permission has been granted to use this hot water to produce enough energy to heat the Abbey’s new underfloor heating.

The thermal spring water is far too corrosive to use directly in the underfloor heating system due to the high mineral content and particularly high levels of sulphates and chlorides. The plan is to raise the water level in a section of the drain using an internal weir. Corrosion-resistant custom built EnergyBlade heat exchangers in the flow of the drain will extract the heat providing the source energy for the heat pumps that will provide energy for the new underfloor heating in the Abbey.

We look forward to working with the whole project team and will be providing regular updates on the project as is moves from design to implementation towards the end of 2018 and into 2019.


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