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Calum has started work at isoenergy this week in the sales team.

Having previously worked for two technology start-ups, he has now completed a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development. Calum is working on the solar power generation and storage. With isoenergy installing more and more solar arrays, it is developing a reputation for expertise in solar to match its existing reputation with heating systems. The sales team is growing to handle the increasing number of enquiries and projects.

Furthermore, Calum will be helping to develop our battery storage products and link them in usefully with the solar PV systems. With the integration of charging points for electric cars, these systems will create smarter homes which will take full advantage of all the energy generated locally by the solar panels. This will be particularly valuable for those households which can generate more energy than they can use at one time. Installing a battery and an electric car charging point will allow them to use more of the free electricity they generate themselves.

In spite of the challenging climate in the solar industry at the moment, these are exciting times at isoenergy which is proving that demand remains for high quality, solar technology installed by experts.


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