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International Energy Association figures released in May 2019 show that there were nearly 18 million heat pumps installed globally in households in 2018. This compared to a figure of 14 million domestic installations in 2010 shows a 29% increase in an 8 year period. This success, however, falls within the context that only around 3% of heating in buildings globally is provided by heat pumps and currently the main driving factor for installations in many countries is cooling rather than heating.

As with many global trends, China is setting the tone with recent widespread installations of reversible ground soruce heat pumps (capable of facilitating cooling as well as heating and hot water). In Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States reversible heat pumps are now commonly used for cooling, heating and hot water. This trend is most likely due to the installation of new inverter-driven heat pumps that are able to modulate their capacity up and down to provide heating, hot water and cooling to homes. Using this type of heat pump for cooling in addition to heating services can lead to significantly higher efficiency than if the system was purely used for space and water heating.

With the UK recently experiencing its hottest temperature ever recorded (38.7C/101.7F) on the 25th July 2019 and the Met office releasing figures suggesting that ten of the warmest years on record have occurred since 2002, it may now be time to start considering using heat pumps for cooling in addition to the traditional heating and hot water services more common in the UK.

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