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Ofgem has announced that the price cap on domestic electricity and gas is to be reduced from October 2019. The latest cap will mean that households on standard variable, default or pre-payment tariffs will pay around £75 a year less, with an estimated 25 million households across the UK benefiting.  

Whilst Ofgem has made this move to reinforce the importance that customers should be proactive in finding the best deal that works for them, many have pointed out the fact that even with the price cap in place there are still many significantly cheaper tariffs that are more easily accessible than ever, with the recent wave of comparison sites online.

With the world on the cusp of the ‘electric revolution’, as EV car chargers, air source and ground source heat pumps increasingly become commonplace in homes and businesses, it is now even more important for people to shop around for the best price. Both of these technologies are designed to reduce carbon emissions whilst maintaining a lower running cost compared to many of their fossil fuel alternatives. However, they do this by electrifying the energy usage which can lead to higher electricity bills.

It is often financially beneficial to reduce or shift the time of consumption from the grid in addition to ensuring that a property or business is on the best tariff available. Technologies such as solar PV and battery storage can further reduce electricity bills.

If you would like to reduce your carbon footprint and running cost of your home or business whilst ensuring you are electric revolution ready, talk to one of our consultant engineers today to see what technologies are best for you.   


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