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With Coronavirus likely to impact all of us for the foreseeable future, we at isoenergy have been planning how we can best protect our staff, our clients and the community at large whilst still conducting our business.

In light of the most recent recommendations from the Prime Minister, we are now putting our remote working plan into place. Here is what we are doing and how it may affect your project:

  • Our office staff are to follow a schedule of working from home even if they are healthy, maintaining only a skeleton staff in the office. We have been planning for this contingency for weeks and have the means to enable our office staff to continue to work productively during the weeks or months ahead.
  • We have recently written to our clients informing them of our intension to continue working on projects and to let us know if anyone in their household is told to self-isolate, showing symptoms or if there are people in the household who are considered in the “At Risk” group.
  • Where necessary, meetings and site visits will be rearranged or conducted over the phone. If you have a meeting arranged with someone from isoenergy, you will receive a call beforehand to check there are no changes in your circumstances.
  • Some of the equipment we install is supplied from overseas. We will have to see if we experience any delays in sourcing this equipment. We will update projects accordingly when we know more and we will of course endeavour to source local supplies where possible.

We hope the current situation surrounding the coronavirus does not cause either Isoenergy or our clients the kind of disruption we have planned for. However, we feel it is important for us to inform all our clients and working partners so they can manage the potential risks associated with this pandemic.