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We have recently been showcasing some of the manufacturers whose equipment we use within our heat pump installations. This month we focus on Viessmann heat pumps.

Viessmann heat pumps are engineered in Germany and are renowned for their exceptional build quality, lasting performance and reliability. They provide a number of different units for different circumstances. At isoenergy we tend to use Viessmann when there is a very high heat and hot water demand within the building. Some of our largest projects have Viessmann systems in their plant rooms and the ability to cascade the units to deliver up to 1,200kW means that very large buildings can be heated effectively.

The heat pumps are constructed to a very high quality with the frame and anti-vibration casing ensuring that any noise from the compressor is kept within the unit. This allows for the heat pumps to be installed within basement, cellar or internal plant rooms with little-to-no impact on the occupants.

The technology inside the Viessmann units allow for cooling in the summer or higher flow temperatures should there be a large domestic hot water requirement. Cooling and heating for up to three heating circuits can be regulated using the Vitotronic 200 control unit. The optional addition of a Vitocom 300 communication module also allows for control and system optimisation via the Internet or a mobile phone.

The Vitocal 350-G Pro is a large heat pump that is capable of delivering flow temperatures of up to 73oC. This higher flow temperature is very useful when a site has a large hot water demand or if hot water has to be distributed over large distances. The higher water temperature also ensures the system meets the hygiene regulations for domestic hot water, this means the Legionella cycle can be completed without the need for immersion heaters.

The Viessmann controller also allows us to install a combination of the lower and higher temperature systems to maximise the efficiency and performance of the machines. Therefore, we can use the variable, lower temperature units to satisfy the spatial heating requirements of a building and the fixed, higher temperature unit to deliver a consistent, high hot water temperature. This is a popular option isoenergy has delivered across a number of our larger heat pump projects

If you would like to discuss how a Viessmann heat pump system can work for your next project, get in touch today or call 01293 821 345.