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Isoenergy plumbing teams have now started working on the new plant room for the ground source heat pump system at Bath Abbey.

Work has now started on site at Bath Abbey with the first phase of the works on site having commenced. This first phase is the mechanical fitout of the Abbey plant room, including the delivery and installation of the two 100kW Ecoforest ground source heat pumps, Grundfos circulation pumps and a heating buffer cylinder. The works are in a subterranean plant room that used to be the coal bunker for the original boilers at the east end of the Abbey.



Boiler room

boiler room 2Since the last update, we have also been surveying the Roman drain. There are years of silt on the bottom of the drain which needs clearing out before the EnergyBlades can be fitted later in the year. Whilst we were down there, we also fitted a prototype weir in the drain to confirm the correct water level will be maintained. The final version will be installed when the EnergyBlades are in place.

At the same time, the dry section of the drain is being surveyed in detail to asses where the pipework from the drain can exit into the chambers underneath the Kingston Buildings before it continues back to the plant room. 

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