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Isoenergy’s sales team recently visited the new headquarters of renewable energy manufacturers Ecoforest in Vigo, Spain.

The trip began with a tour of the new building where Ecoforest manufacture a range of heating products including ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps, biomass boilers and stoves. As well as production lines for the manufacturing of the products, the building also contains new offices and a large laboratory where new products are designed and tested. The heating, hot water and cooling requirements of the building are covered by 2x 100kW ecoGEO HP ground source heat pumps which take energy from an 80,000 litre water storage tank underneath the building which is replenished from ground water flowing to the ocean. The building is powered by an 80kW solar photovoltaic system mounted on the roof of the new building which uses Ecoforest’s patented energy manager products; e-manager and e-system, which use the latest controls software in conjunction with battery storage to make the most out of the heat pump and solar PV systems.

We were also given an insight into the R&D laboratories where new products are being developed and upgrades are being made to existing products to ensure sure that they are working as efficiently as possible. Some notable recent developments include a new online remote monitoring platform which allows users to access live data on the performance of their heat pump/biomass system, receive notifications of any alarms and remotely alter heat pump settings. Ecoforest are also bringing out new models for the 40kW and 70kW High Power range which will have lower noise outputs and take up a smaller area inside the plant room.

It was great to be able to have an insight into the whole process of how a heat pump is made from conception through to design, testing and production. We would like to thank Ecoforest and Nuenta for having us to visit and for showing us around the new factory and we look forward to working with you in the future.