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Ecoforest have announced that they will be releasing a 1-9 kilowatt (kW) ground source heat pump early in 2018. This is smaller than their current smallest machine which is 3-12 kW.

isoenergy fits heat pump systems in many highly-efficient new-build houses. These smaller houses, in which space is at a premium, are especially suited to a small heat pump such as this, which can provide for their heating and hot water needs.

Because the compressors are controlled by inverters, Ecoforest heat pumps are variable-speed. They have the capability of flexibly modulating up and down depending on how much heat is needed. This is not possible with the more common fixed-speed compressor units. The incorporation of inverters can help extend the life of the compressor as well as improve energy efficiency of a heat pump. The ability to modulate the speed of the compressor also means that the buffer tank in the heating system can be scaled to the size of the lowest power – 1 kW – meaning that a smaller buffer tank is required, which saves space.

The number of kilowatts refers to the rate of heat output, so this new heat pump can provide varying amounts of heat from 1 to 9 kW. Considering that the heat pumps have a ‘coefficient of performance’ of between 3 and 4: that is, they put out 3 or 4 units of heat energy for every unit of electricity input. Therefore, this 1-9 kW heat pump can start up with as little as 250 Watts (0.25kW) to provide 1 kW of heat.

In short, this new offering from Ecoforest usefully broadens their range to suit those with lower energy demand.

If you are interested in finding out how a ground source heat pump can save you money, contact us today.