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When choosing to invest in a renewable energy system, it is paramount that the system will last long enough for you to see a return on your investment. In many cases, we have to help people with systems installed by other companies that have broken down in just a few years.

We at isoenergy believe that the longevity of the system is just as important as its efficiency and will always specify equipment that will satisfy both priorities. There are a range of influencing factors in any heat pump system that are worth thinking about when choosing your installer. We never install a heat pump unless we have satisfied ourselves that is will stand the test of time while remaining efficient.

The lifetime of a heat pump is often dictated by the number of times the compressor starts, therefore our systems are designed to minimise the number of starts as much as possible. This is done by installing a buffer tank or using inverter-driven compressors which modulate their output depending on the heating requirement of the property. The make of compressor used also has a significant effect on the lifetime of the system. This is why we will normally work with heat pumps that use Copeland scroll compressors. Copeland are the market leader in compressor technology and the specification of Copeland as the manufacturer is vital to performance, reliability and durability.

Although a key component, the heat pump is not the only part of a renewable energy system which affects its longevity. A correctly designed and installed ground array is another key aspect of any ground source heat pump system which, if done incorrectly, will lead to problems later down the line. To avoid such problems, each installation we undertake is custom designed based on the specific requirements of the property.

Another key component of any ground source heat pump system is the thermal transfer fluid flowing through the ground loops. This consists of water mixed with glycol (antifreeze) which allows the system to work even if the ground temperature should drop below freezing. As the glycol is organic in nature, it will eventually need to be replaced. We always use the highest quality glycol with growth inhibitors added to the mix to keep the glycol going for as long as possible.

All these points help ensure that the heat pump we install today will still be running in another ten years’ time and the ground array should be good for even longer