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If you are based in Dorset then your home can benefit from the high quality renewable energy sources that we have to offer here at isoenergy. We are experts in providing sustainable energy systems to homes all over the country and have over five years of experience offering our services to homes in Dorset. We work closely with you to ensure that you get the ideal sustainable energy system for you and your property.

We are here to provide after-sales support to our clients whilst we also provide a consultation service should you require further information surrounding the sustainable energy systems that have been newly installed. We are keen to ensure that the entire installation process is hassle-free and works around your specific requirements. We can take you through a site survey prior to the installation of your new renewable energy system for assessment purposes before carrying out an advanced site survey that gives you an insight into the groundwork and detailed process of installing your new energy source.

Here at isoenergy we only supply renewable energy sources to reduce the amount of CO2 gas that your property releases into the atmosphere. Our products are designed and manufactured to make the most of alternative sources of energy. Our ground source heat pumps take ambient heat from the ground, so whilst it works as efficiently as any average boiler it uses far less energy and ultimately benefits you and the surrounding environment. The conversion rate of electricity to heat energy that takes place with our ground source heat pumps makes them an exceptionally reliable source of energy, with every single unit of electricity producing two to four units of heat energy.

The requirements specified by the layout of your property are paramount when it comes to installing renewable energy systems; therefore we always contact numerous manufacturers in an attempt to find the ideal product to suit your home. Our team of specialist operatives are more than happy to listen to any enquiries you may have regarding our services, providing you with the best possible advice and ensuring that you choose the ideal renewable energy source for your property.

After receiving the 2012 award for Domestic Ground Source Installer of the Year we take pride in offering an exemplary service to all our clients. Contact our head office today on 01293 821345 or get in touch with your nearest branch in Dorset. You can also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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