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Project specification

  • Property type: Residential
  • Technologies installed:
  • Collector type:
  • Size (kW): 17
  • New/retrofit: Retrofit
  • Brand: CTC

Originally an outbuilding in the grounds of a water mill, Surrey Mill House was converted into a residence in 2015. As a domestic property, the renewable heating system benefited from the Renewable Heat Incentive for seven years which paid back the cost of the installation after six years. Of course, the reduced energy use and heating costs continue for the lifetime of the system - the new heating system reduced the property's carbon emissions from heating by 45%.

The property is situated on the banks of a river which provides a fantastic and easily-harnessed energy source for a heat pump.

Spatial heating and hot water are provided by a 17 kW heat pump and the collector consists of a bank of EnergyBlades submerged in the river, fixed to the bank.

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