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Project specification

  • Property type: Residential
  • Technologies installed:
  • Collector type:
  • Size (kW): 44
  • New/retrofit: New build
  • Brand: CTC

Minafon is a new build 750m2 designer house in rural Hampshire built to exceed building regulations with its energy efficiency. To complement this well insulated design, a renewable energy system was installed by isoenergy.

Isoenergy installed a 44kW ground source heat pump system to provide energy for the heating, domestic hot water and pool-heating. Energy for the heat pump is collected by 2,400 meters of grounds loops installed in an adjacent field.

A 3m2 evacuated tube solar thermal collector array provides free heat to either the domestic hot water, the pool system and or the house heating, whichever is the most cost effective depending on conditions. In this way the house truly uses the lowest cost energy solution available at any given time. The solution included the supply and installation of the heat pump, a 1,000l litre warm water buffer tank, 1,600l of domestic hot water storage and Class A energy efficient cylinder charge pumps.

isoenergy was asked to design a system that would respect the building and heat the section currently lived in my the owners. A number of options were available tfor providing heating, but the near by lake was a perfec heat source for a ground source heat pump.

Spatial heating and hot water are provided by a 44kW water source heat pumps, with energy collected from a near-by lake using a closed-loop array of 3,000m.

To supplement the ground source system a solar PV array was designed and installed by isoenergy. The solar photovoltaic array generates enough revenue throughout the year to offset the running of the heat pumps.

So make the most of the free energy from the sun, a solar thermal array was installed on a flat roof hidden from the ground by the building's parapet.


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