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To heat the house and provide the hot water, isoenergy installed a 90kW ground source heat pump system with energy collected from 2.7km of pipe in a lake. Domestic hot water is stored in a 1,000l tank. Heat is transported from the plantroom to the cottages and the main house using highly insulated pipe.

This 18th Century Manor House in Apethorpe has been recently renovated. The estate has two cottages and the main house all of which needed upgrades to their old heating systems.

Whilst renovating the house, the owners decided to take the opportunity to replace multiple ageing boilers with a centralised district heating scheme to provide all the estates heating and hot water.

isoenergy was asked to design and install a system capable of providing heat to the main house and the cottages and suggested the nearby lake could be used as an energy source for a ground source heat pump. The heat pump and other equipment was housed in a previously unused outbuilding to free up space in the house itself. Highly insulated pipe was then used to transport heating and hot water to the house and cottages.


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