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Project specification

  • Property type: Residential
  • Technologies installed:
  • Collector type:
  • Size (kW): 12
  • New/retrofit: Retrofit

Installation of a ground source heat pump docked to a gas-fired boiler to provide spatial heating in a 3 year old domestic residential building in West London.

Isoenergy installed a 12kW ground source heat pump with 360 metres of collector pipe in five trenches. The heat pump provides spatial heating through underfloor heating.

This propoerty is a recently-built residential house in West London.

Despite being in London, the small heat load for this efficient property meant that there was space enough for a small horizontal array; this saved money compared to the alternative of boreholes.

The 12 kW heat pump provides heating and hot water with energy collected from 360 metres of collector pipe buried in five trenches.


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