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The owners of Hertfordshire Farm were looking to reduce their energy bills while at the same time benefiting from the Renewable Heat Incentive subsidy scheme. As there is a small pond within the grounds of the house, isoenergy designed and installed a ground-source heat pump system taking advantage of collecting energy from the water as well as the ground.


A 30kW CTC ground-source heat pump provides heating and hot water to the house, with energy collected through 2000km of pipework laid in the pond and buried in the ground. The heat pump feeds into two 500 litre tanks - one for hot water and the other a heating buffer tank.

Hertfordshire Farm is an old rural farmhouse surrounded by fields and has a pond within the grounds. Collecting energy from water for a ground source heat pump has a number of benefits including increased efficiency compared with a ground-based collector and reduced costs due to the need for fewer ground loops. After the installation was complete the owners started to receive quarterly payments of the RHI subsidy and will continue to do so for seven years by which time the system will have paid for itself.


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