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Project specification

  • Property type: Community
  • Technologies installed:
  • Collector type:
  • Size (kW): 16
  • New/retrofit: Retrofit
  • Brand: Viessmann

The mooring, recreational and educational centre was looking for a renewable solution utilising the Thames. The moorings provide up to 20 berths for both long term and short term stay vessels visiting London. It is also a recreational and educational area to help integration and understanding of riverside life. The turbulence experienced on the mooring and in the pump room meant that that flexible flow and return pipes were required and all equipment needed to be anchored down. Open loop systems work well in cases like this where, firstly, the heat demand is low enough that less than 20,000 litres needed to be extracted each day and, secondly, where the water is relatively free of debris. The system provides green and efficient heating and hot water for the community building.

The ground source heat pump uses a heat exchanger to take heat from the river water which it then compresses to provide heating and hot water to the building. The open loop system uses a pump to draw water from the river, extract heat and then return it.

To supplement the ground source system a solar PV array was designed and installed by isoenergy. The solar photovoltaic array generates enough revenue throughout the year to offset the running of the heat pumps.

So make the most of the free energy from the sun, a solar thermal array was installed on a flat roof hidden from the ground by the building's parapet.


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