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isoenergy’s work in the commercial property sector is as varied as the sector itself. Projects range from installing solar photovoltaic panels on farm sheds to mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems for hotels. The properties themselves may be infinitely variable in construction type, size and available resources, but commercial projects are normally driven by potential profitability. isoenergy is expert at identifying renewable energy opportunities for commercial organisation to pursue.

A range of commercial projects undertaken by isoenergy is below. 

Loughton Methodist Church was previously heated with 30 year old natural gas fired boilers. As these boilers were coming towards the end of their useful life, the church looked into the possibility of becoming carbon neutral to reduce their impact on the environment.

This refurbished barn conversion in Kent is the workshop of renowned violin dealer J&A Beare.

The Crosby Hall Educational Trust (CHET) centre is an outdoor pursuits facility that caters for young children in a beautiful rural setting on a 120 acre country estate about 8 miles north of Liverpool.  

The Linney Group is a large family owned and operated printing business in Nottinghamshire.

Installation of a ground source heat pump to provide hot water and heating at a care home.

isoenergy supplied and installed heat recovery systems for the apartments to meet the Code for Sustainable Homes level 3.

To install a renewable system that will reduce harmful emissions through a lower reliance upon fossil fuels, reduce the fuel bill and also to take advantage of the Government’s Feed in Tariff.

To supply spatial heating and hot water to 157 Timber Frame apartments varying between studio and three bedroom apartments.

To supply spatial heating & hot water to 112 apartments varying between studio and three bedroom apartments.

To redevelop the old school so that it could cater for 9 to 11 year olds, whilst involving the students in the redevelopment and helping them understand the principles behind renewable technology.

isoenergy have been commissioned to install renewable energy systems in CUB homes, enabling them to be the first to achieve a pre-issued 5 star BRE certificate for an offsite constructed modular housing concept.

Ridgeford properties intended to extend the existing building, known as 10 Weymouth Street, which consists of 19 high specification rental apartments over five floors and 4,004 s ft of office space.

Install a Solar PV, Solar Thermal and an Air Source Heat Pump system to reduce the running costs of one building entirely and significantly reduce the site’s carbon footprint.

A 28.8kW system, spread over three commercial roofs.

Winner of "Installation of the Year" and the greenest hotel in Britain.

A Museum and Art Gallery was looking to demonstrate it's commitment to renewable energy as well as earn money from the UK Feed in Tariff whilst prices are at 43.3p per kW.

Whitbread's pilot for the "Green Hotel" scheme and precursor to isoenergy's award winning installation.

A series of 10 flats required to meet a 10% renewable target for their energy generation.

A mooring, recreational and educational centre sought a renewable solution utilising the Thames.

3 x 60kW heat pump solution designed and installed to help site achieve EPC Rating of A.

A traditional Grade I listed stone church dating from the Norman and Early English periods with later additions was seeking a way to reduce the bills from its costly and inefficient electric bar heaters.