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Heat emitters




The careful selection of appropriate heat emitters can make or break the efficiency of any renewable heating installation.

The majority of renewable heating systems use water to store the collected heat energy. This heat energy is then used to warm your property via heat emitters, transferring the energy from water to the surrounding environment through convection and radiation.

Traditionally, radiators have been used at heat emitters. Hot water is circulated through the radiators which emit the heat and the cooler water then returns to the heat source and the cycle starts again.

Radiators however, generally require a higher flow temperature to work efficiently. This can affect the performance efficiency of a heat pump or other renewable heat source which are designed to operate at slightly lower temperatures than gas or oil fired boilers.

The alternative to radiators is to install underfloor heating. Underfloor heating consists of a series of pipes laid under the surface of the floor. Hot water is pumped though the circuit using the whole floor as a radiating surface. The added advantage of underfloor heating is that is heats the living space more efficiently as people occupy the lower part of the room and heat is not wasted heating the top part of the room. This and the larger surface area means the flow temperature for an underfloor heating system can be lower than that using traditional radiators. This makes it the ideal heat emitter for renewable heating installations such as ground source heat pumps.


The amount and type of required heat emitters is decided by the property into which they are going to be installed.

Is it feasible to install underfloor heating? It is now possible to lay under floor heating into almost any floor build up. Correct insulation is vital to stop heat bleeding away down into the floor, but this can be accommodated when the flooring is put down.

If underfloor heating is not feasible, perhaps the floor has a historic surface or has already been tiled, new high efficiency radiators should be used.

isoenergy can help with the specification of appropriate heat emitters for your project and can suggest qualified installers to partner with your isoenergy renewable heating system project.


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